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Get Started

To get started with CakeDaoSwap:
  • Join by interacting with our community, using our DeFi platform, and purchasing our native utility tokens, CDAO (CakeDao)
  • Swap cryptocurrency tokens on COREChain using our decentralized exchange
  • Create liquidity between cryptocurrency token pairs to receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens, which can earn trading fees (liquidity mining) and be staked in Yield Farms or Maximizers to earn CDAO (CakeDao)
  • Stake CDAO (CakeDao) in Staking Pools to earn tokens from partner projects
  • Lend and borrow crypto assets with the CakeDaoSwap Lending Network #Phase 3
  • Participate in Initial CakeDaoSwap Offerings for new crypto projects #Pharse 2
Crypto projects can partner with CakeDaoSwap to:
  • List their tokens on our decentralized exchange
  • Receive advisory services from our team
  • Network with our robust partnership ecosystem
  • Co-market with us to acquire new users
  • Create Yield Farms to incentivize users to add liquidity for their token on our exchange
  • Raise capital through Initial CakeDaoSwap Offerings

CakeDaoSwap has the tools and the community to support your decentralized finance needs.

Getting started with Core Network And CakeDaoSwap
Using anything new can be a bit of a challenge. Don't worry though, here you will find a wide range of guides to help you get comfortable with CakeDaoSwap!
You need to install a wallet to test on Core Chain TestNet. We recommend using MetaMask which is the most well known crypto wallet in the world. You can google the steps to install a wallet and set up accounts, here is an example:
Full Guide Below

Getting Started as a Developer

User Guide for Core TestNet

Core Documents