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Roadmap 1.0

Our mission is to create an economically sustainable yield farming community by providing a powerful Core DeFi ecosystem that wants to revolutionize this sector along with solid tokenomics. Our thorough roadmap affords us confidence in our mission. Join us on this journey.

Phase 1

In this initial phase, We are focusing on deploying the token contract and building Dex on Core Chain Network, Farms and pool deployment, Bridge Release, integrating wild range support for ecosystem token.

Phase 2

In the second phase, We are Setting up the Airdrop event, Meme Contest, $CDAO IDO sale. Set up more for Partnerships with ecosystem projects, AMAs and Community Events. Apply for Cmc & Coingecko, Holder Rewarding of $CDAO Token, The First Burning event.

Phase 3

In the Third phase, We launch Staking dapp & yield Farm with high APR/APY. Massive the Marketing Campaign Events. Launch The NFT AMM Market, Development the Credit Card For Crypto live and Lending protocol.

Phase 4

in the Fourth phase, New features will be released such as Voting. It will be update soon on roadmap 2.0


  • Memes Event & Airdrop Distribution
  • IDO/IFO Sales
  • Audit
  • Partnership Listing in Shadowswap
  • Rewarding CDAO Token for Holder
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • Apply & Listing on CMC
  • CakeDao Staking with CDAO Pool, Core Pools, Farms
  • CakeDaoSwap Logo & Partnership in Ave market
  • UI/UX, Performance Upgrades & Bug Fixes
  • Apply & Listing on Coingecko
  • AMM NFT Marketplace, NFT Collection and game for CakeDao Token
  • Credit Card For Crypto live on our website
  • Lottery Integration
  • Dex V2 UI Upgrade
  • Listing CEX market
  • Bridging
  • Lending Protocol
  • Voting


  • Smart Contract Development
  • Core Network Integration
  • Token Logo info update on Core Blockchain
  • Exchange Swap of Tokens Alpha Testing
  • Community Building
  • Apply Partnership
We will realize the happiness of you and the CakeDaoSwap Community. Don’t miss your opportunity to ride that big wave either!