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NFT Earn

CakeDaoSWap provides unique features of NFT Earn. That’s why the CakeDaoSwap team invites you to experience the complex of unique and significant benefits of this grandiose NFT Integration!

What are CakeDao NFT Collectibles?

CakeDao NFT Collectibles  is  a limited edition of NFTs that can only be acquired through CakeDao IDO sales Token Earn NFTs or CakeDao Games NFTs. There are a total of 500 unique NFTs of 5 levels. These NFTs are one of a kind, you’ll not find anything like them. They are your pass to special earning offers and are released with dynamic motion designs.

Benefits for Holders of NFT Collectibles

Unique NFTs bring exclusive opportunities:
  • Up to 20% Cashback
  • Up to 1% Referral Rewards Increase
  • Bonus Double Launchpool with High APR
More info coming soon!