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IDO Launchpad

Buy new tokens directly for CDAO on CakeDaoSwap. Maximize your profit by participating in the Initial DEX Offerings.
Meet a new, grandiose feature of CakeDaoSwap DEX! Potent Core blockchain projects can now launch their tokens through Initial DEX Offering on CakeDaoSwap Launchpad! The IDO process, established on CakeDaoSwap, is remarkably effective and instantly provides powerful utilities to the freshly launched tokens.

What is IDO?

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a process by which a project launches a token through a DEX liquidity exchange. With IDO, blockchain projects and CakeDaoSwap enrich their products and token services and make smart business decisions. Initial token sale engages the communities and makes the collaborations more effective.

IDO Benefits for CakeDaoSwap DEX and its Community

  • Voluminous CakeDaoSwap Ecosystem expansion and upgrade
  • Implementation of highly required CORE/WCORE IDO process
  • Strengthening of the CDAO token, increase of volume and price
  • IDO tokens are bought with CDAO
  • A massive influx of new active users and investors to CakeDaoSwap DEX
  • Establishment of potent IDO partnerships
  • Additional lucrative opportunities for CakeDaoSwappers
  • Official listings, Launchpools, Farming pairs, and collaborative events
  • The new burning mechanism for the CakeDao (CDAO) token
  • Global expansion of the CakeDaoSwap community
More info coming soon!